Billions of dollars are generated each year through the music industry, film/television industry, sports industry, fashion industry, gaming industry and many others. But one industry, in particular, is giving Hollywood a run for it’s money. From the fiscal year of 2008 to present day,  the film industry in Atlanta, Georgia has generated billions & billions of dollars in revenue. And the best is yet to come! The City, County, State and Federal officials with pull, are rallying around Atlanta to continue to boost the economy and attract worldwide/global tourism through the enormously successful tax incentives . The film industry in Atlanta has galvanized and uplifted the entertainment business, corporate business small business, even mom and pop business!

For this reason the entire world calls Atlanta, Georgia “The New Hollywood” AKA “ATLWOOD®”!

Former entertainment industry executive Marvis Tyrone Scott AKA “Scotty Scott” is the Owner of the Worldwide All Rights Reserved Trademark for the name and likeness of ATLWOOD®. Scott plans to make a huge impact on the Georgia Tourism Industry by launching his ATLWOOD® Tourism Centers throughout Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Scott also plans to establish the ATLWOOD® Walk of Fame to add to the Tourism attraction in Metro Atlanta.